Distribution sector is a key link in the business chain. Global competition and shrinking profit margins are now aggressively pushing the need for distribution systems, big or small, to jump on to the cloud services for reaping far-reaching rewards.  The distribution sector is facing challenges in the wake of digital transformations and global competition due to the increasing interconnectedness of the world. Businesses need to adapt and adopt to the changing dynamics. Tools and technologies form the backbone of business efficiencies and the distribution industry is no exception


For organizations engaged in the distribution industry, a major portion of the costs is the creation of processes that can track shipping and inventory movement, for instance. Microsoft Dynamics has robust solutions that can cater to all aspects of the organization, from back-end to front-end. ERP and CRM solutions can be seamlessly integrated with existing software products like Microsoft Office 365 for a deeper insight and tighter control across the board.

It is estimated that by 2020, there will be a 78% growth in the organizations going the cloud way. Are you all set to tread confidently on this revolutionary path?  Techminds as a Microsoft Dynamics Solutions Provider can help you achieve business intelligence, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and seamless integration that can help you attain:



  • Increased inventory value
  • Automated workflows with real-time dashboards
  • Deeper insights for growth
  • Streamlined order fulfilment
  • Strategic partnerships around the globe
  • Empower employees on-the-go
  • Unified systems across ERP and CRM

Dynamics NAV can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise based on your choice.

Leaders of the cloud


Of course, there are many players out there claiming to provide cutting-edge solutions for distributors, but few emerge as favorites for businesses around the globe. The impressive footprint of products like Microsoft Azure and Dynamics NAV in the industry is not perchance.

Existing processes, systems and software like CRM, Microsoft Outlook, OneNote, SharePoint, Word, Office Suite etc. are seamlessly integrated with Dynamics NAV. Hence the all-in-one bundle runs through distribution, procurement, inventory, CRM, financial systems and the other business processes integrated for convenience. The unifying solution can boost the method of conducting intelligent and smart business.


Techminds is a solutions leader when it comes to tailoring the Microsoft Dynamics ERP for meeting specific business requirements. We architect the best-fit solutions at reduced costs for you, offering customization, implementation, configuration, training, and support in real-time to support your business operations and fuel your growth