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Health Care

Collaboration with life science professional tools

Health Care

The way data is created, stored, and shared within the healthcare industry today limits the ability of doctors, nurses, clinicians, and administrators to share information and work together. Healthcare professionals are bogged down with paper-based processes, manual data entry, and isolated information systems that do not communicate. Through Collaborative Health, we give healthcare and life science professionals tools that streamline the way they enter, access, and share data, resulting in improved health at reduced costs. We can implement Microsoft’s SharePoint and Office 365 solutions as we understand how people use digital information technologies in their daily lives. We’ve applied that knowledge to the issues faced by healthcare providers, health plans, and life sciences organization.

HealthCare Providers :

Patient Information Access Systems add remove

We can provide a collaborative and information sharing platform for all your patients to enable Instant access to patient information when and where it’s needed, a vital step in efforts to improve patient care and reduce costs.

As a central information hub, a healthcare portal can be tailored to the specific needs and roles of particular users, providing instant access to relevant applications, content, and services that facilitate collaboration and enhance community. Combined with mobile devices, such as Microsoft Tablet PCs and Microsoft Windows-based Pocket PCs, healthcare portals built on Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server or Windows SharePoint Services provide the framework for delivering access to information at the point of care. Because they are built on proven Microsoft technologies, healthcare portal solutions provide the security framework needed to achieve compliance with HIPAA and other mandates.

Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records add remove

Electronic record storage is a powerful starting point for solving these difficult issues. Built on familiar productivity solutions and standards-based server technology, electronic health record solutions from Microsoft and its partners deliver the information infrastructure needed to integrate data from a wide range of systems, and they provide interfaces that enable physicians and other users to make full use of data quickly and easily.

HIPAA requires that anyone with access to patient medical information handles that information in a manner that protects the privacy of the individual. The key for any Health Care organization to become “HIPAA Compliant” is to protect patient health information (PHI).

Techminds has built a Cloud based online platform that can store all patients information digitally and can be shared with the doctors. Also a digitally encrypted USB that contains a patient’s personal electronic medical records be given to all the individual patients. And these USBs are equipped with Remote Management facilities to comply with all security needs.

•   Microsoft SharePoint Solutions for HealthCare Collaboration

•   SAS Clinical Trials for Data Management, Analysis and BI

•   Integration with Microsoft Health Vault System

Leaders Of The Cloud
Homecare Agencies

We have a cloud based solution for homecare management system that can be accessed by the nurse on the field, a patient’s care giver and your office staff.

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