Staff Augmentation Services

We provide staff augmentation to supplement a customer’s existing work force with technically qualified, certified professionals tailored to meet the needs of your business.

We offer comprehensive staff augmentation services in a broad range of industries. We have an effective sales and recruiting organization and our account managers and recruiters have extensive experience handling staff augmentation and staffing consultancy requirements. We strive hard to return great results to our clients and a great career to our staff.

Our recruitment programs can match your project requirements with our consultants’ skills and experience to keep your projects on schedule and within budget.




Our Specializations:

TGL is always in a pursuit to go beyond our clients expectations. That’s why we have some of the best, talented and certified experts to assist our clients. As always they are cost effective and quality

  1. Salesforce Developers/Administrators
  2. Microsoft Dynamics Developers
  3. Java/J2EE Developers
  4. Tableau Developers/Administrators
  5. Microsoft SQL Developers/DBAs
  6. Microsoft .NET Developers
  7. Hadoop Developers/Testers
  8. VMWare/Service Now




  • Vendor Certified IT personnel with adequate experience in their field to suit the client’s requirements
  • Highly qualified consultants with years of domain knowledge to help for any customization needs.
  • Ability to discontinue the service when the requirements are met according to the contract without further obligations
  • Reasonable billing rates (fixed and hourly) for highly skilled manpower for varied IT tasks
  • Experience in successfully delivering projects ranging from relatively small-scale implementations to large projects




  • Two Week Performance Guarantee : Client Pays Nothing if not happy with the performance of the consultant in first two weeks of assignment
  • Fixed Billing/Hourly Rate: Short on Budget?? No problem.  We can accommodate
  • Thorough Background checks: Will take the headache of verifying criminal/drug/employment records
  • Periodic Performance Evaluation of every consultant/resource.


Please contact us to find out more on  how techminds’ staff augmentation services can help you in your IT project needs.