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What the Heck is Digital Transformation and What Does it Mean for Your Business?

Digital Transformation is what happens when businesses rethink processes, services and products in terms of what is possible using current technology


  • End-to-end IT services that include Project and Managed Services
  • Strong team of domain specialists across verticals
  • Breadth of technology expertise including Salesforce, PowerBI
  • Mature process methodologies

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Reforming Distribution Operations Using IT

Connect people with their data and inventory in real-time with the right scalability, accessibility and connectivity in your distribution business

  • Visibility – a clear view of the supply chain
  • Improved Inventory Management – ensures streamlining of the inventory management
  • Demand Planning – A distribution oriented ERP system forecasting the inventory needed
  • Automated Workflows – allows automating the scheduling of tasks and workflows

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Streamlining Manufacturing Operations: ERP Migration to Cloud

[Free Whitepaper] Streamlining Manufacturing Operations: ERP Migration to Cloud

Get more done by housing ERP in the cloud.

  • Improves flexibility, scalability and mobility
  • Makes for more efficient product launches and supply chain communication
  • Presents numerous opportunities for greater cost savings

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Building the Case for Cloud Technology in the Legal Sector

Make sure when your practice implements a cloud strategy that security and efficiency are top of mind.

  • Data security and disaster recovery needs for legal services
  • Budgeting concerns and vendor options
  • Flexibility and scaling of cloud systems

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The Cloud: Coming to Colleges and Schools Near You

When implementing a cloud strategy, there are a number of requirements specific to education that schools need to understand.

  • National, state and local standards and mandates regarding the cloud
  • Vendor and feature options
  • Education industry specifics as they relate to cloud functionality

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Microsoft Azure and Healthcare

The intersection of cloud computing and healthcare will only continue to grow, make sure you’re equipped with the right solutions.

  • HIPAA mandates and how systems must comply
  • Continuity features for access and collaboration across the spectrum of care
  • Optimization and further benefits like actionable insights mined from data

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